Episode #44: Wookies and Waffles

Eric returns to Resistance Radio to debate midichlorians on this week’s Spotlight, and discuss the latest Star Wars news.

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  • Lucasfilm have addressed the rumors that they might use a digital version of Carrie Fisher in Episode IX.
  • Fans have launched a petition to convince Disney to crown Leia as an official Disney Princess.
  • Rebels this week was a Zeb standalone. We break down the implications of what happened.
  • For this week’s Spotlight, we’re discussing midichlorians.
  • Love them or hate them, they’re a part of Star Wars canon. Which side do we fall on in the debate?
  • (Also, of course Eric is on an episode when we’re discussing “prequels” content.)
  • Is it possible for any and everyone to be able to tap into the Force to some degree?
  • How does Chirrut’s abilities work in regards to midichlorians and the Force?

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