Resistance Radio #26: That Droid

Mikey and Donya are back for the latest Resistance Radio. Michal joins them to discuss the Han Solo movie rumors and break down the Rogue One trailer.

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– We’re mourning the loss of Kenny Baker. Sad beep.
– As promised, Rogue One released a new trailer — and it was different from the Celebration one!
– There was an ‘Olympics’ version and an ‘International’ trailer, which did we prefer?
– John Williams returns to score Episode VIII next month. We’re still hoping he’ll stick out the trilogy.
– The Han Solo solo movie is making all of Mikey’s dreams come true. It’s casting Lando!
– Also rumored? A non-white female lead. Will we be seeing Sana Solo?
– There’s a huge update hitting Battlefront soon — we break it down.
– A recently filed patent by Disney is pretty exciting. Could we be seeing ‘real’ lightsabers soon?
– It’s time for our Spotlight topic, and this week we’re deep-diving into the Rogue Onetrailer.
– Did the difference in music between the Olympics and International trailers affect our opinion?
– There were some additional scenes in the International trailer — and one particularly exciting detail.
– What are our theories for the film based on what we’ve seen so far?
– How did some of our listeners feel about the trailer?

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