Episode #59: Father of Clones

Mikey returns to Resistance Radio all by himself but he brings some good friends to join him this week so he won’t be lonely. Eric Scull and Danielle Zimmerman join Mikey as they go in-depth about Jango Fett!

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– Battlefront 2 will have 3x the content at launch compared to the first Battlefront game! Eric is very excited about playing this game with Mikey.
– Major League Baseball can really feel the Force
– Anyone miss the good ole Super Nintendo? Make sure you check out the 16-bit The Last Jedi Trailer.
– You really can’t miss out this Moana mashup.
– We spotlight Jango Fett and find out if he has an ego since millions were created in his image
– Did Jango know he was playing both sides?
– Who flies it better, Jango or Obi-wan?
– Would Jango have a bad headache at the end? Too soon?



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