Episode #58: It’s a Trap

Mikey, Donya and Kaitlin return to Resistance Radio to celebrate May the 4th, and turn their Spotlight on Admiral Ackbar.

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– Happy Star Wars Day!
– Mark Hamill “pranked” a few Star Wars fans to promote Force for Change — to our absolute delight.
– Finn lives? John Boyega has been discussing his character’s fate post The Last Jedi.
– The Han Solo solo movie has started filming. And Mikey’s optimism might be wavering a little.
Rebel Rising and Guardians of the Whills have released. No surprises which one Donya picked up first.
– Nokia have a new VR camera, and they’ve been filming behind-the-scenes footage for The Last Jedi.
– Want May the 4th swag? You’re in luck — there’s plenty to go around.
– Steam have a sale across their catalogue of Star Wars games, ThinkGeek, Build a Bear and Anovos are also getting in on the action.
– We’re getting a sneak peek of season 2 of the Lego Freemaker Adventures.
– This week’s Spotlight is on one of our favorite Mon Calamari… Admiral Ackbar.
– (Someone start tallying how many times Mikey says ‘It’s a Trap!’)
– Admiral Ackbar has been a guiding force and leader throughout the Clone Wars, the Galactic Civil War, and the conflict between the Resistance and the First Order.
– Though not a “lead” character, Ackbar has had a significant impact across the Star Wars universe.
– Prior to Force Awakens, Ackbar retired. How did Leia persuade him to return to service?
– Did Ackbar know about Leia and Luke’s parentage prior to it leaking in Bloodline?

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