Episode #57: Thrawn

Resistance Radio hosts Mikey and Donya are joined this week by Evan from Jodocast to discuss the new Thrawn novel.

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Episode IX has been given a release date. There are some strong feelings about the move back to May.
– The new Indiana Jones movie has also been given a release date.
The Last Jedi trailer underperformed next to The Force Awakens over the first 24 hours — we break down why that might have happened.
Lost Stars is getting a manga adaptation via the Line app, and it looks pretty good!
– Harrison Ford has commented that it’ll be “weird” to watch a young Han Solo movie.
– This week’s Spotlight topic is all about the Thrawn novel.
– How does Thrawn hold up versus the original from Legends?
– We discovered a lot about Thrawn as a character over the course of the novel — what surprised us?
– How about that twist?
– Thrawn wasn’t the only focus of the novel. We got some great insights into Governor Pryce and Yularen, familiar characters from Rebels.
– How did Thrawn do with connecting to the wider Star Wars universe?
– Who do we think Nightswan might be? Someone from Legends?

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