Episode #52: I Have Performed Violence

Resistance Radio hosts Mikey, Donya and Kaitlin are back to chat about that huge Rebelsepisode, as well as the final novel in the Aftermath trilogy.

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– Bob Iger has been discussing future plans for Star Wars at Disney — including the Han Solo movie, and Carrie Fisher’s role in the Saga.
– Speaking of Han Solo, Woody Harrelson has been getting chatty. He confirmed his character’s name and says the Han Solo movie is going to be the Best Ever.
– Alan Tudyk has suggested that K-2SO could cameo in the Han Solo movie. Would it work?
– In early drafts of Rogue One, Lyra Erso was a slain Jedi. How could that have changed the film?
– Heading to Star Wars Celebration? Funko have some awesome exclusives heading to their booth!
– Ever wondered what the end of Rogue One and the beginning of A New Hope would look like spliced together? Wonder no more.
Rebels finally featured the duel between Maul and Obi-Wan.
– Were we impressed or underwhelmed with how the duel played out?
– How about Ezra’s motivation to find Obi-Wan in the first place? Was he selfish, justified, or both?
– Are we ready for the finale? No, no we are not.
– Our Spotlight this week is on the last novel in the Aftermath trilogy — Empire’s End.
– So, Jar Jar Binks. Did Mikey over-hype his involvement?
– We discuss some of the standout characters of the series.
– The reason for Palpatine’s presence on Jakku was revealed — it was on of his Observatories.
– Other notable moments? Ben Solo’s birth and Luke being on his mission for Jedi artefacts.
– We shout out to the Aftermath MVP: Mr. Bones!

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