Episode 51: BB-8 Just Blew Up My House

Mikey, Donya and Ben return for another Resistance Radio, where we’re getting excited for the Star Wars park expansion — and interview Jay Machado from ILM.

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– Donya was nominated for Best Fangirl Host at the Star Wars Podcast Awards. You can vote for her now!
Resistance Radio was also nominated for Best Disney Podcast at Mouse Mingle. Voting is also open for that too.
– Star Wars Celebration won’t be taking place in 2018 — it’ll return instead in 2019. Lining up with the Saga films?
– The Darth Vader comic will follow him immediately after his fall to the Dark Side, as well as show us how he constructed his lightsaber.
– Legoland previewed its incredible Force Awakens display — we love it.
– Meanwhile, over in Disneyland, AI is being used to develop interactive Droids. This is both amazing and… well…
Rogue One originally had an opening crawl. Do we prefer it without?
Star Wars Rebels aired its Droid centric episode, featuring Wedge. AP-5 was by far and away the MVP.
– On our Spotlight this week we’re interviewing Jay Machado, a Hard Surface Modeler at Industrial Light and Magic.

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