Episode #48: The Rex Factor

Resistance Radio hosts Mikey, Donya and Ben are breaking down the latest Star Wars news, and turn the Spotlight on Captain Rex.

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– Jimmy Vee has been cast as R2-D2 following Kenny Baker’s passing.
Star Wars live is coming to New York in 2017.
– John Williams also received his fifth Grammy for Star Wars this year.
– Thandie Newton and Phoebe Waller-Bridge are both in talks to join the Han Solo solo movie.
Aftermath: Empire’s End will apparently tease the pressures that eventually led to Han and Leia’s separation.
– ILM were honored by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences for their work on Rogue One.
Star Wars: Underworld has ended up on IMDB. Likely to hit screens or just a wild rumor?
– We’re turning our Spotlight on CT-7567, aka Captain Rex.
– We recount Rex’s role in Clone Wars.
– Rex believed in the Republic, but questioned the point of the war.
– How does Rex fit into the crew of the Ghost on Rebels?
– Did Rex survive through to Return of the Jedi?

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