Episode #43: Project Celestial Power

Resistance Radio hosts Mikey and Donya are back to discuss Rebels, Leia’s future and turn their Spotlight on Galen Erso.

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– Woody Harrelson has been officially confirmed for the Han Solo solo movie.
– Carrie Fisher had key scenes in both Episode VIII and Episode IX. How will they be approaching changes?
– Saw Gerrera returned in the Rebels mid-season premiere, and we have a lot of thoughts.
– This week we’re turning our Spotlight on Galen Erso.
– Catalyst taught us a lot about Galen’s life pre-Rogue One.
– Galen’s upbringing has some similarities to Luke Skywalker’s on Tatooine.
– Krennic first met Galen Erso during the Futures Program. How soon did Krennic realise he could use Galen?
– During the Clone Wars, Galen refused to take sides and was imprisoned by Separatists on Vallt.
– After orchestrating Galen’s release, Krennic ensured the Erso family was in his debt.
– Galen’s faith in Krennic was misplaced, and his research into clean energy was reused to create a superweapon.
– He spent a portion of his life leading up to Rogue One in hiding from the Empire.
– What did we think of his actions between Krennic finding him, and the Death Star being completed?
– Does anyone in the Rebellion, and beyond, know what Galen did to ensure the Death Star was vulnerable to attack?

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