Episode #42: To Me She’s Royalty

Dan-O joins Mikey and Donya for the first Resistance Radio of 2017, where we’re remembering our Princess, our General, Carrie Fisher.

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  • Things are a little solemn over on Resistance Radio this week.
  • We discuss the passing of Carrie Fisher briefly, but return to it later in the show.
  • Woody Harrelson is reportedly joining the Han Solo solo movie as Han’s mentor. How are we feeling about that casting choice?
  • The Erso family home on Coruscant may be the same as Padme Amidala’s complex.
  • A promo for Rebels featuring footage of Saw Gerrera from the series as well as Rogue Onewas released.
  • We also have a trailer for the back half of Rebels season 3. Thrawn is certainly kicking things into high gear.
  • For our Spotlight this week, we’re taking the time to remember Carrie Fisher.
  • StarWars.com released a tribute to Carrie, and Donya penned her own as well.
  • We discuss what Leia meant to each of us personally, and how she shaped our younger selves.
  • Gary, Carrie’s therapy dog, will be making his new home with Billie Lourde.
  • Mikey brings up the question of Leia’s “slave” outfit and whether it’s a costume that should be worn post Carrie’s death.
  • We just let the conversation take us where it needs to for the remainder of the episode.

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