Episode #39: Before the Storm

It’s the final episode of Resistance Radio before Rogue One, and Mikey and Donya cover the last bits of news and get in their final theories.

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– Before we get to all the Rogue One news, we’re reacting to the last two episodes of Rebels.
– First, the episode about Hondo: How did we like seeing him back in action?
– We finally got to see Thrawn in action, with an episode focused on him. All we can say is: YEEEEEES.
– Will the Ghost make an appearance — if briefly — in Rogue One?
– There’ll be a first person X-Wing battle in Rogue One, making all our piloting dreams come true.
– The Rogue One #CreateCourage campaign had one of our hosts bawling. No prizes for guessing who.
– Kathleen Kennedy has revealed that the Lucasfilm executive team is comprised of 50% women. Why is it not the same in the Director’s chair?
– Rogue One has gained George Lucas’ approval, to Gareth Edwards’ delight. Are we more or less excited now that Lucas has weighed in?
– Alan Tudyk doesn’t want K-2SO to be another Jar-Jar character — we really don’t think he has anything to worry about.
– Did you miss the Rogue One premiere? You can catch up on StarWars.com!
– In lieu of a Spotlight this week, Mikey is sharing his crazy Rogue One theory.
– Could Rey be the daughter of Luke and Jyn.
– Yeah, this episode is about to go off track right about now.

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