Episode #38: Hacky Sack

We’re in the final run up to Rogue One, as Mikey and Donya tackle the latest news and theories before the film hits our screens.

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– The Rogue One rewrites are back in the news. This time we’re discovering how much Tony Gilroy was paid for them.
– Kathleen Kennedy doesn’t think there’s a female director ready to take on Star Wars. Donya has some words.
– An EA exec has teased that a “much bigger” Battlefront sequel is coming. Story mode?
– “Knights of the Eternal Throne” is now available to play on Star Wars: The Old Republic.
– The next episode of Star Wars Rebels is finally going to show how ruthless Thrawn is. (We’ve been waiting for this.)
– Felicity Jones gave various Star Wars characters some “year book” superlatives, and they’re just as hilarious as you might think.
– The rumored Obi-Wan solo movie could follow the Star Wars saga movies — and there’s a potentially interesting reason for that.
– We learned that Michael Giacchino only had four weeks to score Rogue One.
– Target have released a whole range of awesome Rogue One merch called FORCE4FASHION.
– In lieu of a Spotlight topic, we’re discussing whether you should watch A New Hope before or after Rogue One.
– We will resume the Spotlight post-Rogue One.
– As a treat, if you’ve not seen it, our video of the week is “SEAGULLS! (Stop it now).”

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