Episode #30: Yoda Quotes

And now for something completely different. On this week’s Resistance Radio, Mikey and Donya are talking Yoda’s best quotes, and some Rogue One shake-ups.

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  • We got a clip of Ezra using the Force in the Rebels premiere. We feel uneasy about it, and Donya maybe spoils how the clips ends. Oops.
  • Another clip from Rebels introduces the Bendu. We’re definitely intrigued about this character.
  • Not enough Rebels? We also got the titles of the first six episodes.
  • And in some Rebels-adjacent news, Ashley Eckstein will be narrating the Ashoka novel!
  • As for that Rogue One shake-up? Michael Giacchino has replaced Alexandre Desplat as composer.
  • We also got an update on that rumored Star Wars TV show, courtesy of Ben Sherwood.
  • Apple’s newest software update has brought with it some cool stickers. Well, cool for one of our hosts.
  • Excited for Battlefront’s impending Death Star update? They’ve released a trailer and it looks awesome!
  • Our Spotlight Topic this week is a little different. We’re discussing Yoda’s top 10 quotes, per StarWars.com.
  • This will be the first in a two-part Yoda Spotlight.
  • We discuss each quote, how it affects us personally, and how it makes us feel about Yoda as a character.

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