Episode #21: Han Solo

Mikey and Donya are joined by Jen Smith for the latest Resistance Radio where we talk the latest Episode VIII, Rogue One and Theme Park developments, as well as turn our Spotlight on Han Solo.


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  • Learn all about Aftermath: Life Debt by Chuck Wendig
  • Make sure you get the latest in therapy droid or take home a Therapy Ewok!! Have a Yup Nub lullaby every night!
  • Star Wars Land looks amazing! And the rides can’t get here soon enough.
  • Episode 8 has wrapped and Mark Hamill shares some dancing stormtroopers.
  • It’s time for our Spotlight topic, and this week its all about everyones favorite scruffy looking scoundrel Han Solo.
  • Does it really matter if Han shot first?
  • How does this smuggler grow over the course of 4 films?
  • What is his relationship like with those closest to him? Leia, Luke, Chewie, Ben?
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