Episode #19: Our Get Along Shirts

Mikey and Donya are back for another episode of Resistance Radio. This week we’ve got some interesting theories to discuss, and a Spotlight on General Hux.

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  • Did you miss Indy PopCon? You can listen to our panel with the 501st here, and watch our live video podcast on Facebook.
  • Lego The Force Awakens is out now! Have you had a chance to play?
  • The Rogue One info just keeps on coming. We’ve got some great HD stills from the movie, courtesy of EW.
  • Does the Han Solo solo movie have the best script ever? Ian McCraig thinks so.
  • Samuel Jackson says that Mace Windu survived his presumed-fatal fall and George Lucas has given his approval for it.
  • We’re getting a Future Filmmakers panel at Star Wars Celebration. What are we hoping to hear during it?
  • It’s time for our Spotlight topic. This week it’s all about General Hux — and the First Order.
  • General Hux really hates the New Republic. Has he achieved his life goal by wiping them out, or is there more to his arc?
  • He has an interesting rivalry with Kylo Ren. How did that come about?
  • We compare the heroic trios in the Star Wars universe with the First Order’s.
  • What’s next for General Hux?

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