Episode #18: Did You See Him? No, I Saw Gerrera

Resistance Radio hosts Mikey and Donya have returned from Indy PopCon for an episode jam-packed with Star Wars news and a Spotlight on Saw Gerrera.

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  • We had a blast at Indy PopCon! You can listen to our panel with the 501st here, and watch our live video podcast on Facebook.
  • Vader is officially part of Rogue One. How are we feeling about his return?
  • We were spoilt for choice with Rogue One news this week. All the characters have been named, including Forest Whitaker’s.
  • A Star Wars television series about Palpatine was in the works, featuring a more sympathetic Emperor.
  • Criterion have cancelled their Extreme Sports game to make way for development on a new Star Wars title.
  • Steven Spielberg has vowed that he will never direct a Star Wars movie.
  • Can’t get enough of The Force Awakens? The comic book adaptation is out now!
  • The long awaited Bespin update has come to Battlefront. Get your best Lando impressions at the ready!
  • This week’s Spotlight is on Saw Gerrera.
  • Saw Gerrera is making a comeback in Rogue One. We first saw him on the Clone Warsseries.
  • We talk a little bit about his Clone Wars arc and the kind of Rebel Gerrera is.
  • Gerrera has also been mentioned on Rebels and Bloodline.
  • We discuss extremism on both sides of the war, and what that might mean for Rogue One.

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