Episode #122: The Bounty Hunter IG-88

Mikey and Kaitlin are back with all the latest Star Wars news and we take a dive into the seedy Star Wars Underworld, our spotlight topic this week is the bounty hunter IG-88.

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  • An instagram post sheds light on the current filming status of Star Wars Episode IX
  • Kano teaming up with Disney to bring new Star Wars themed coding projects
  • More images and pictures from Disney’s Star Wars Land had surface and we got a good look at the AT-ATs from Rise of the Resistance— and they look epic
  • Star Wars Resistance has started up its 2nd half, we break down our thoughts on the mid season trailer
  • Who is IG-88?
  • Our thoughts on IG-88s connections to different story lines, from the original trilogy to Qi’ra from Solo to Sabine and Leia from Rebels
  • How deadly is he? And how will we see him in the Mandalorian.

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