Episode #114: Snips, Quips, and Flips

Mikey, Kaitlin and Donya are back to talk about all the latest Star Wars news! And this weeks our spotlight topic is the debut of our new show format!

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    StarWars.com has released the official Cast announcement for Episode IX
    Mark Hamill tweets about himself and Billy Dee returning to Episode IX
    We hear rumblings of an October release date for Star Wars: Resistance
    Mikey gets excited about the newest Thrawn novels reveal about the Skywalker name. But no one else is.
    Hasbro has released official images of the latest Star Wars toys, just in time for the holidays.
    This week we take a page out of the Mugglecast hand book and bring our own version of chapter by chapter to the show.
    It is week 1 of our episode by episode as we work through the clone wars series
    This week the clone wars movie is our spotlight topic and we dive in the battle of Christofisis.
    The introduction of Ahsoka
    And the return to Tattoine for Anakin since his mother was killer.

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