Episode 1: Force Juice

Here comes the Resistance! Mikey and Donya are joined by some special guests for the first episode of Resistance Radio, Hypable’s brand new podcast dedicated to all things Star Wars.

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  • It’s our first transmission…and we’re excited.
  • Our hosts introduce themselves, and give you a little background on their experiences with Star Wars.
  • Episode VIII has been delayed to December 2017. How are we feeling about the shift away from the traditional summer release?
  • Gwendoline Christie confirmed that Captain Phasma will be returning in Episode VIII
  • Lego’s The Force Awakens got its first trailer — how delighted were we by it?
  • Disneyland has broken ground on its Star Wars expansion and Andrew has some feelings about it.
  • Star Wars: Bloodline by Claudia Grey got its cover. What do we think of its ’40s war propaganda vibe?
  • Mikey and Eric get excited over the upcoming content from Star Wars Battlefront. But, more importantly, will we be getting Lando?
  • This week we’re turning our Spotlight on Rey. We talk about her role and relationships in The Force Awakens. Those pesky Mary Sue comparisons, and speculate over her parentage and future in Episode VIII and beyond.

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