Episode #013: Socks and Bloodlines

Mikey and Donya are joined by Michal for the latest Resistance Radio, where we’re breaking down Claudia Gray’s Bloodline in our Spotlight and… socks?

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– Indy PopCon is coming up fast. We’ll be hosting a Star Wars panel with Indiana’s 501st, as well as a live podcast and other shenanigans.
– And, if you’re able to make it to PopCon, we’ll also have some awesome Resistance Radiomerch for sale!
– Starwars.com has premiered a new webseries, Star Wars Show, hosted by Andi Gutierrez and Peter Townley.
– The show also introduced our first look at Cienna Ree from Lost Stars and we’re in love.
– Celebration Europe is going to be representing a whole host of Star Wars games — including BattlefrontLego Force AwakensStar Wars CommanderGalaxy of HeroesStar Wars the Old Republic and Star Wars the Force Collection.
– Can’t make it to the U.K. for Celebration? The convention will be back stateside in 2017! We have some theories about it’s new, Florida location…
– Is there anything more delightful than a hysterical woman wearing a Chewbacca mask? No. No, there isn’t.
– It’s time for our Spotlight topic, which is all about Bloodlines.
– Bloodlines really set an interesting stage for how we got to The Force Awakens.
– We got a great look at Leia’s life, political motivations, and her family.
– There were also some fantastic points about Luke Skywalker’s place in the galaxy.
– Aside from that, we were introduced to some new characters — and got to see more of some too-soon-departed.
– We talk about some of our favorite moments from the book, and get a little… sidetracked.

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