Episode #010: Rawr!!

Mikey and Donya are back for an all-new Resistance Radio episode with all the latest Episode VIII news and a Spotlight on Chewbacca.

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– Don’t forget that you can meet us at Indy PopCon this year!
– Force for Change is in full swing, and this week you can donate for a chance to meet Mark Hamill at Celebration Europe.
– Claudia Grey’s Bloodline will be essential reading for any Star Wars fan, and there have been lots of interesting tidbits from the book so far!
– Prince William and Harry were recently on the Star Wars set, and pictures confirmed the return of the A-wings.
– Mikey has lots of questions about the British monarchy.
– There’s a new iTunes exclusive extra for The Force Awakens called Dressing the Galaxy.
– This week we turn our Spotlight on Chewbacca, thanks to a listener comment from Amy.
– We look at his role in A New Hope, and how he’s ultimately responsible for saving the galaxy.
– Chewbacca’s strength after Han is frozen in carbonite is hugely admirable — and we love how he keeps the group together.
– We also discuss Chewbacca as a pilot in his own right, not just Han’s co-pilot.
– We’d really love more of his history, now that the EU has become Legend, and how he met Han.
– One of our favorite prequel moments was seeing Chewbacca with Yoda — we reminisce about that, and how much Chewie has lived through.
– What about Chewbacca’s future without Han? We don’t exactly like the thought of him dying, despite a suggestion from a listener.
– We break down his relationship with Ben. Would he ever be able to kill him?

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