Episode #003: Supreme Leader Who?

Mikey and Donya are back to run through all the latest Star Wars news, from the Disney parks to Space Bears, with returning guest-host Eric, and Dan-O from The Dan-O Channel.



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  • Dan-O regales us with his Star Wars history, and present, with a pretty epic conclusion.
  • The Star Wars Fan Film awards are back! We discuss a few of our older favorites — including “Hope” and “Ryan vs Dorkman.
  • Carrie (and Gary) Fisher revealed the working title of Episode VIII: Space Bear. Does this mean we’ll be getting more Ewoks? Or… pandas?
  • Disney World is going full-on Star Wars with their upcoming Night-time Spectacular, beginning April 4. But why is Mikey disappointed?
  • Were you missing some Star Wars remixes from your life? Star Wars Headspace was released on February 19, but were we impressed?
  • Mikey reminisces about The Best of Meco, and Fett’s Vette, while Donya sings the praises of Krafty Kuts’ Star Wars mini-mix.
  • DisneyXD released the first episode of The Resistance Rises, centering around Poe and Admiral Ackbar. We have a lot of love for the Lego spinoffs.
  • Are you ready for another Spotlight topic? This week we’re discussing all the great and wacky theories about Supreme Leader Snoke. We break down the Plagueis situation, and chat about the possibility of a Star Wars Rebels tie in.
  • Is Snoke really that big? Or do we expect him to be pretty average sized when we finally meet him? Or… something else?
  • How about his influence on Ben? We discuss some details revealed in The Force Awakens novelization and his potential position in the Star Wars world prior to becoming Supreme Leader — as well as some thoughts about Force Sensitivity.
  • We announce the winners of our Facebook contest for The Old Republic subscriptions and cartel coins. Congratulations, guys! And thanks to everyone that entered.

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