Episode #004: The Wizard of Maz

Mikey and Donya are joined by returning guest-host, Andrew, and Matt Britton to discuss all the latest a-Maz-ing Star Wars news. From the Disneyland 60 announcements to Episode VIII, there’s plenty to talk about!

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  • Andrew is back, and he’s brought a friend! Matt tells us about his Star Wars history.
  • We kick things off with the Disneyland 60 news, and theorize about how that Millennium Falcon ride might work.
  • The Saturn Awards re-categorized John Boyega to Best Lead Actor. We weigh in on the controversy, and whether it was the right choice.
  • Daisy Ridley spoke a bit about Episode VIII at the Oscars, and working alongside Mark Hamill and Luke. But, more importantly, will she lose a hand?
  • Lego: Star Wars Droid Tales is now out on DVD! Well, at least it is for some of the hosts.
  • Boyega is on our side! He recently petitioned Battlefront to include a story mode, and may be taking the argument to their doorstep.
  • Well, thanks to Peter Mayhew we have a definitive answer to whether or not Han shot first. (Spoiler: He did.)
  • Disney officially announced the release details for The Force Awakens on DVD and Blu-ray, and we’re a little spoilt for choice when it comes to cover art.
  • This week, we’re turning our Spotlight on Maz Kanata. Mikey gives everyone a refresher on who she is, and what we learned about her in The Force Awakens.
  • As Maz is over 1000 years old, how much does she really know?
  • JJ Abrams has said that Maz’s eyes are very important. Matt has a theory about why that might be.
  • We discuss the deleted scene from the trailer and her connection to Luke’s lightsaber.
  • Could we see Maz show up in some of the Star Wars Anthology films? Mikey and Donya have some thoughts as to which would make the most sense to see her in.
  • “Where’s my boyfriend?” Mikey might have a favorite ship from The Force Awakens and be about to embark on a budding fanfiction career.
  • We break down Maz’s Force sensitivity a little more, thanks to The Force Awakens novelisation. What does she know about Rey?
  • Maz will return in Episode VIII, and we’re all pretty excited about the possibility.
  • (But don’t forget. She knows.)

Hold My Hand

Comic – Donya was referring to in Episode 1 – Force Juice


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