About Us

Resistance Radio is Hypable.com’s weekly podcast dedicated to the Star Wars universe. Join regular hosts Mikey and Donya for all the latest news, theories, interviews and much more from the galaxy far, far away.


Mikey Bouchereau

Mikey is a long time Star Wars fan. After doing Mugglecast, a Harry Potter Podcast and running a Final Cut Pro user group, he decided that he needed an outlet to talk about his favorite subject which is Star Wars.




DonyaDonya Abramo

Joining the Resistance alongside Mikey was a no-brainer for Donya, as a near-as-dammit lifelong fan of the Star Wars universe. Having been surrounded by everything from the movies, to the games, to the Expanded Universe from a young age, she’s excited to discuss everything about the galaxy far, far away with her co-pilot and other fans.