Episode #46: New Phone Who Dis?

Mikey and Donya are joined by one of Resistance Radio’s new hosts, Kaitlin. And to celebrate, we’re putting the Spotlight on Hoth.

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  • As Kaitlin is new, we get her to introduce herself and run through her Star Wars history.
  • The Han Solo solo movie has started filming — and we’ve got a new name for it. Han Solo Cup.
  • Also, Billy Dee and Donald Glover have met. Can the universe handle that much awesome in one place?
  • Rian Johnson shared a creepy song about a bone eating Jedi. Because Star Wars needed more cannibalism…
  • Mark Hamill went on the record about disliking the way Jake Lloyd was treated because of the prequels.
  • We’re fairly cut and dry about any hatred too: Not cool.
  • What could possibly make Rogue One more awesome? How about an 8-bit version?
  • Barnes and Noble have some exclusive posters as an incentive to buy the final Aftermath book from them.
  • Josh Gad has been asking Daisy Ridley the questions we’ve all been thinking about. And Daisy? Not too impressed.
  • Courtesy of Kristen Winters: We discuss Carrie Fisher as the face of the new political resistance against Donald Trump.
  • It’s time for our Spotlight topic. And in honor of our new, Canadian host… it’s all about Hoth.
  • Hoth is a pretty special planet, and saw quite a few firsts of the Star Wars franchise.
  • We discuss Hoth as the location of the latest base for the rebellion.
  • Luke used the Force to move an object for the first time. (We also remark on how his lightsaber was the only item to fall.)
  • Also, Force Ghost Obi-Wan made his first appearance on the planet.
  • We also got our first glimpse at a bacta tank — which would return in Rogue One.
  • Oh, and Luke and Leia locked lips. Er. Yeah.
  • Why did the Rebel Alliance never use their superweapon outside of Hoth?
  • Of course, we can’t end the episode without talking about the Battle of Hoth.
  • January’s Smugglers Bounty box featured an epic Hoth Han Solo on a Tauntaun

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