Episode #61: Kanan

Mikey and Donya are back this with Evan from the Jodocast on this week’s Resistance Radio. It’s the 40th Anniversary of Star Wars a New Hope, and Vanity Fair has released an amazing cover article. 

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  • Any plans for the 40th Anniversary?
  • Luke Skywalker is not alone on Ahch-To, but who is with him?
  • Poe is training Rose’s sister to be a gunner, and we learn this characters name!
  • Benicio Del Toro is officially called a character with unknown loyalties and we never get his name except DJ
  • Rose and Finn go to this trilogies Cloud City a new planet called Canto Bight – An upscale casino – think James Bond
  • Carrie Fisher had an affinity to shaping Oscar Isaac well, only 27 times
  • Our Spotlight Topic is Kanan Jarrus
  • Digging into the early life of Kanna as Caleb Dume before Order 66
  • His meeting Hera and being a miner/smuggler
  • Kanan choosing to rebel and becoming the leader of the Ghost crew and Specter 1
  • Kanan’s growth as a Jedi and eventually Jedi Master to train Ezra
  • What does the Future Hold for Kanan Jarrus?

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