Resistance Radio #25: Qui-Gon But Not Forgotten

Martin from Frightfully Uninformed Podcast joins Mikey and Donya for the latest Resistance Radio, where they turn the Spotlight on Darth Maul.

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– You know the drill. Martin is a new host, so we ask him about his Star Wars history.
– The Force Awakens is getting a four-disc, collectors 3D release in November — with some new content!
– Is there a Star Wars live action series in the works? ABC have had conversations with Disney and Lucasfilm.
– Where’s Eric when you need him? Jimmy Smits confirms he’ll be appearing as Bail Organa in Rogue One.
– Rebels is back! Season 3 will premiere with an hour-long episode on September 24.
– We’ve got some more information on Jedha, and we have some theories about why it’s so important to the Jedi and the Empire.
– In our new, regular Pokémon GO segment… John Boyega caught a Pikachu on set, and became the coolest kid around.
– It’s time for our Spotlight topic. This week, we’re discussing Darth Maul.
– We break down Maul’s first appearance in Phantom Menace.
– Were we expecting him to survive and return in Clone Wars?
– What did we think of his arc in Clone Wars?
– How about his part in Rebels
– What’s next for Maul?

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