Resistance Radio #24: Oh Jabba!

Oh, Jabba, Jabba. Mikey and Donya are joined by Evan from The Jodocast for the latest Resistance Radio, where we chat about some animated rumors and turn our Spotlight on Jabba.

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  • Evan is back!
  • We’re kicking things off with some news about David Prowse — he’s disappointed he wasn’t asked back for Rogue One.
  • Meanwhile, George Lucas has to purchased the original pages of the new Han Solo comic. Is there a higher compliment?
  • Disney has launched a new Rebels interactive game at the parks and we need to try it out. Immediately.
  • Can’t get enough of Disney and Lucasfilm animation? There could be another show on the horizon…
  • Daisy Ridley has left Instagram over a post about gun violence. We definitely have some strong thoughts about this.
  • Still not sure who Thrawn is? has an excellent run-down of the character, ahead of Rebels season 3.
  • Amazon has a great deal on a Black Series Tie Fighter. If you purchase it through this link, you’ll also be supporting Resistance Radio.
  • It’s time for our Spotlight topic. This week we’re talking about Jabba the Hutt.
  • We first see Jabba in Return of the Jedi… that is, until the Special Editions. How did we feel about this change?
  • What does Jabba’s Palace tell us about the character?
  • We learn a lot about Jabba in the Clone Wars animated movie — but is it consistent with the Original Trilogy?
  • How about his appearance in The Phantom Menace?

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