Episode #83: Wooo Spooky! Force Ghosts!

The entire Resistance Radio gang is back together. And in celebration of Halloween, we’re talking Force Ghosts. Woooo.

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– We’re all back together for the first time in ages. Get hyped!
Forces of Destiny is back. We loved some more than others — but there were definitely some interesting canon revelations.
– There are two new Last Jedi videos. We did into them a little bit, and discuss our expectations for the film. (It’s coming up fast!)
– Is Porg fatigue real? Will the Porg babies be ugly? Either way, they’re heading to The Last Jedi.
– A couple made an amazing Luke and Leia costume, complete with levitating speeder. Halloween won. Hands down.
– This week’s Spotlight topic is… Force Ghosts.
– We discuss Obi-Wan as our first introduction to the Force Ghost concept.
– Star Wars visits the concept more in the prequels — but how do we feel about them in general?
– Things get… a little out of hand when we get on the subject of Rey’s Force vision.
– (Qui-Gon is 60????)
– In Return of the Jedi we revisit the Force Ghosts at the end. Does that work in retrospect, with all the additional canon?
– (No, really. Qui-Gon is 60?!)

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