Episode #64: Karabast!

Mikey, Donya and Kaitlin return for another Rebels spectacular on Resistance Radio. This week we’re giving all our love to Zeb.

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– We’re getting our first real look at Snoke’s praetorian guards, thanks to a Star Wars themed drink.
– Some props from the Original Trilogy are up for auction, including Luke’s lightsaber. We’ve got $10 and some tic-tacs. Who else is pooling with us?
Battlefront II is going to fill the gap between Episodes VI and VII. Mikey is still super excited for it!
– Also, the first in-game footage of Battlefront II was shown off at E3. Again: Mikey is excited.
– Show your fur babies some love! Petco has a collection of Star Wars themed pet toys. Buy them all!
– In a shocking turn of events, Donya is talking about ice hockey. Only this time? She’s on topic.
– Alexander Ovechkin, captain of the Washington Capitals, auctioned off a hang-out with him… dressed up as Darth Vader.
– Now for this week’s Spotlight. And it’s all about Garazeb “Zeb” Orrelios.
– We all agree that “the child, the fool, and the warrior” is the perfect description for Zeb.
– How did the near genocide of his race shape him as a person and a character?
– Will we ever see Lira San? In Rebels or beyond?
– Of course, we have to touch on Zeb and Ezra’s relationship and how far it has come.
– Not only that, but also Zeb and Chopper’s er. Friendship? Donya has an interesting interpretation.
– With Kallus joining the Rebellion, will we get more development between him and Zeb?
– “Guarding Chopper Base” was a great episode for Zeb — flaws and all.
– And the age old question… will Zeb survive through the end of Rebels?

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