Episode #60: He’s Just A Clone

Donya is back and joining Mikey and Ben on this week’s Resistance Radio. It’s a light news week, but we’re talking all things Boba Fett!

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– We’re getting a Doctor Aphra and Star Wars comic crossover, called The Screaming Citadel.
– A Japanese The Last Jedi flyer has proclaimed that the film will have the ‘most shocking revelation’ in the franchise’s history.
– What could possibly make churros ever better? Disney have it sussed out…
– It’s time for our Spotlight! This week, it’s all about Boba Fett.
– We run through Boba’s appearances chronologically.
– Is Boba Fett a superior clone?
– Why does he work for Jabba almost exclusively?
– Is there something going on between Vader and Boba Fett?
– Was Boba Fett’s death a fitting end for the character?

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