Episode #56: Let’s Break it Down

Mikey, Donya, Kaitlin and Ben are back! This week Resistance Radio is all about breaking down the trailers we got from Star Wars Celebration.

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– We got a trailer for Battlefront 2, as well as a load of details about what to expect.
– Finally, as story mode. That should make Donya happy. But, uh-oh. Maybe not?
– We’ll get to play across all three eras of Star Wars! That’s pretty awesome.
– What did we pick up on in the Star Wars Rebels trailer?
– Hera and Kanan is still out OTP!
– Who will wield the Darksaber and unite the Mandalorians?
– Will Kallus continue to be ridiculously hot?
– Okay, we know what you’re really here for…
– Time for us to break down The Last Jedi trailer.
– From “true balance,” to the end of the Jedi, to Poe’s X-Wing blowing up (again), there’s plenty to discuss.

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