Episode #54: Pew Pew Pew!

Resistance Radio hosts Mikey, Donya and Ben are back to chat with Chelsey Engle and Brent Schermann about Cosplay and Costuming for Celebration and conventions.

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– Rogue One is officially out on DVD and Bluray!!
– An amazing 40th anniversary Star Wars record player is coming to independent record stores
– Alan Tudyk wants to voice his character K-2SO in Star Wars Rebels but he also wants to voice Cassian – Andor if Diego Luna can’t do it so he can have a conversation with himself.
– Learn all about the amazing exclusive lego set to be released at Celebration
– Oseas Villatoro debuts some amazing Star Wars inspired fashion
– 501st members visit a little boy on his last day of chemotherapy
– Anakin Skywalker aka Hayden Christensen will be at Star Wars Celebration as part of the very special – 40 years of Star Wars panel
– Chelsey and Brent tell us their experiences in Cosplay and making Star Wars costumes
– 3D printing is changing the game.
– Are conventions better in costume?
– What is Donya’s dream cosplay costume? Does it involve Hockey?
– Ben is put on the spot and he’s already wearing his Ben Kenobi Jedi robes.

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