Episode #53: The Lost Episode

Resistance Radio hosts Mikey, Donya and Michal are back to chat about that huge Rebels season finally, as well as the latest Star Wars news!

Somewhere along the lines this episode got lost and was posted a week late. Sorry.

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– We talk Battlefront 2 news and its “Galaxywide Premiere”
– Donya is excited with offline play of the new Battlefront so she won’t have to worry about dying so easily
– Star Wars: The Last Jedi Footage was shown at CinemaCon and we discus what it all means
– The first bit of The Last Jedi merchandise has made its way online and we react to the Awesomeness of the new items
– Donya tells us about the amazing Rebel pins from CapriCanis
– John Knoll – the guy who came up with the pitch for Rogue One – has another idea but it may be too far out there
– Rebels season finale “Zero Hour” – was it all we hoped it would be?
– Was Grand Admiral Thrawn as methodical as we expected?
– How did the Bendu become a crazy storm?
– Did Agent Kallus really switch side?

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