Episode #49: Is She An Angel?

Mikey, Donya and Ben are back for the latest Resistance Radio episode, where we talk The Last Jedi first look and turn the Spotlight on Padmé.

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– We’ve got a release date for the Rogue One DVD and Blu-ray, but there’s something missing…
The Last Jedi is getting a Force Friday. The box art gives us our first, updated looks for the trio.
– The Han Solo solo movie marked their first day of filming with a photo — though one cast member isn’t featured.
– We’ll be getting a post-Rogue One novel called Inferno Squad, which will focus on the Empire.
– We break down Rebels‘ mid-season premiere, “Legacy of Mandalore.” It’s all Sabine, all the time!
– There may be some early confirmation that Rebels is getting a fourth season.
– A couple of interesting points of note showed up in the teaser clip for the next Rebelsepisode.
– Josh Gad stepped up his interrogation of Daisy Ridley with hilarious results.
– Want to expand your Star Wars toy collection? Loads of announcements came out of New York Toy Fair, including Star Wars Dorbz!
– This week we’re turning our Spotlight on Padmé Amidala.
– We’re introduced to Padmé as the Queen of Naboo — though we’re given the run around by her decoys.
– Should Qui-Gon have realized that Padmé was really the Queen, not the handmaiden?
– Is Padmé an Angel, or is that whole thing unnecessary and a little creepy?
– Was she in the right to seek out an alliance with the Gungans to stop the Trade Federation?
– How do we feel about Padmé’s transition from Queen to Senator?
– Was the romance between Padmé and Anakin realistic?
– Did we feel Padmé was sidelined in Episode III?

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