Episode #45: The Last Jedi

Mikey and Donya are back for the latest Resistance Radio and. Well. Who are we kidding, we’re talking about The Last Jedi..

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– We got some listener emails! We address some of the questions and comments from them.
– Will Rey and Kylo switch roles?
– Can Force ghosts take over bodies?
– Could Rey be the daughter of Ezra from Star Wars Rebels?
– Speaking of Rebels, we discuss the latest episode.
– There’s a lot of excitement over the Darksaber and Sabine. A lot.
– Okay, its time for our Spotlight topic — The Last Jedi.
– Evan from Jodocast makes a surprise appearance to join us.
– So, what do we think of the Episode VIII title?
– Is there any significance to the logo being red?
– Who is the last Jedi? Luke? Rey? Both? Neither?
– Could we be on our way to seeing a Kylo Ren redemption arc?

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