Episode #41: Krennic’s Aspirations

Mikey and Donya are back for another Resistance Radio episode and are turning the Spotlight on Orson Krennic.

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– Major spoilers for Rogue One. Do not listen to this episode if you have not seen it.
– This episode was recorded prior to Carrie Fisher’s passing.
– The original ending to Rogue One had a “happier” ending, according to Gareth Edwards.
– Felicity Jones has a sequel clause in her contract, which makes sense, considering the previous story.
– Saw Gerrera is making another return — this time to Star Wars Rebels.
– Rogue One has passed $350 million at the Box Office. We’ll call that a success!
– Can someone just let Diego Luna touch Jabba the Hutt?
– Felicity Jones was the highest paid cast member on Rogue One. Is this an unprecedented move, or expected?
– Star Wars Rebels returns January 7, with a two-parter called “Ghosts of Geonosis.”
– Our Spotlight topic this week is all about Director Orson Krennic.
– We’re definitely knee deep in Rogue One spoiler territory here.
– What did Star Wars: Catalyst tell us about Krennic prior to Rogue One?
– We discuss Galen Erso and Krennic’s relationship, from Catalyst through to Rogue One.
– Krennic was part of the Republic’s Special Weapons Group before the rise of the Empire — meaning he was working on the Death Star project for around 23 years.
– There was more than a little rivalry between Krennic and Tarkin. Was that successful for us?
– How did we interpret Krennic’s interaction with Vader at Mustafar? (Spoiler: A little differently.)

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