Episode #36: I’m a Person and My Name is Anakin

Mikey and Donya are joined by MuggleCast’s Eric for the latest Resistance Radio which is jam-packed with Rogue One news, and we turn the Spotlight on Anakin.

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– Star Wars: Catalyst has been released, and offers some interesting tidbits about Krennic, Tarkin, and Galen Erso pre-Rogue One.
– ILMxLAB have debuted a Rogue One Recon experience for VR and on YouTube, where you are part of an X-Wing squadron.
– Spoiler alert: It doesn’t end well for you.
– We go on a slight tangent about Star Wars Land and how this kind of technology could factor in.
– Emilia Clarke has been cast in an unknown role in the Han Solo solo movie — and we have some mixed reactions.
– Some more stickers have been released for iMessage, this time focussing on Rogue One.
– The Star Wars U.K. Twitter account has been on point with its marketing. This week, they released a Rogue One featurette.
– The featurette ‘announced’ that Rogue One will carry a PG-13 rating.
– Also, tickets for Rogue One go on sale in the U.K. on November 21. A date has not been announced for America.
– We break down the latest Rebels episode, “Iron Squadron.” Which was a little frustrating, though enjoyable.
– It’s time for our Spotlight! This week it’s all about Anakin Skywalker.
– We discuss his beginnings on Tatooine, before he was discovered by Qui Gon and Obi-Wan.
– Did expectation for his destiny play into his loss of innocence and, ultimately, his fall?
– What about his lack of father? Was he truly an immaculate conception, or was his father a deadbeat?
– His conflict with the Council begins as early as Episode I, when they refuse to train him.
– Was Anakin’s relationship with Obi-Wan more father and son, or one between siblings?
– We bemoan the lack of development regarding his family, and the life his mother led post his leaving Tatooine.
– When we think of Anakin, we mostly think of the one presented to us in Clone Wars.
– So many little things played into the catalyst of Anakin’s fall in Episode III. We discuss some of them.
– Got any thoughts about Anakin and his fall? Hit us up in the comments, or on social media and let us know!

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