Episode #35: And Ewoks Win

Mikey and Donya return for another episode of Resistance Radio, where we discuss the parallels between Rogue One and real life, and turn our Spotlight on Palpatine.

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– JJ Abrams discussed his biggest regret with The Force Awakens on the 3D Blu-ray commentary.
– There was a new Rogue One TV spot released, which featured Jyn giving an empowering speech.
– Also, a few additional Rogue One posters hit the internet — including an awesome panoramic shot.
– A few people have picked up on the parallels between Rogue One and post-election America…
– Star Wars: Rebels this week was Mandalorian heavy — and featured Sabine at the center.
– Oh, and could we be seeing more of Sabine’s family soon?
– It’s time for our Spotlight topic. This week, it’s all about Palpatine.
– We discuss Palpatine’s rise from Senator to Emperor.
– Palpatine went through quite a few apprentices in his time — we break down his relationship with each of them.
– Was Palpatine a Master Manipulator? Not just when it came to Anakin, but everyone around him?

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