Episode #32: Save the Dream

After a mini-hiatus, Resistance Radio is back. Mikey and Donya are joined by Michal to discuss Rebels season 3, and the latest Rogue One trailer.

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– We’re back! Mikey is feeling better, and Donya is no longer running around New York.
– The Old Republic released a trailer for their latest expansion, called “Betrayed.”
– Fans have created a petition to make The Old Republic canon and turn it into a Netflix series.
– We discuss the likelihood of a Star Wars Netflix show versus an ABC show.
– Four episodes of Star Wars Rebels have aired in our absence. We break them down episode by episode.
– For our Spotlight topic this week, we’re discussing the new Rogue One trailer.
– Did Jyn comes across differently in this trailer? How did we feel about her?
– We got our first, extended looks at Krennic, Galen Erso, and Bodhi.
– Did the music feel different in this trailer?
– How about the visuals? Were there any in particular that stood out?
– We throw around a couple of ideas of how Rogue One is going to connect to Episode IV.

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