Episode #31: Yoda is My Everything

On this week’s Resistance Radio Mikey is continuing the Yoda talk with Eric — including the news of a brand new Yoda comic!

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  • There’s a Yoda comic in the works, which will delve into Yoda’s past — as one of many Jedi.
  • A pretty awesome fan-animated video hit the web called Star Wars: The Triforce Awakens!
  • Can’t get enough of the Rebels trailers? Another one landed online ahead of the September 24 premiere.
  • There’ll be another Star Wars standalone movie in 2020, according to Bob Iger.
  • On our Spotlight topic this week, we’re continuing our Yoda discussion.
  • Last week was all about Yoda’s quotes and wisdom, this week we’re diving into his role across Star Wars.
  • Yoda has a very unique speaking style from most other characters we meet in the series.
  • We look at Yoda’s role as a Jedi Master and part of the Jedi Council in the Prequel Trilogy.
  • He also makes an appearance — of sorts — in Rebels.
  • Yoda has a fairly significant impact on Luke in the Original Trilogy — it’s also our first introduction to him.
  • How about Yoda’s “role” in The Force Awakens?

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