Episode #29: Talkin’ Tarkin

Mikey and Donya are joined by Dan-O for this week’s Resistance Radio with more Star Wars toys news, a new Rebels promo and a Spotlight on Tarkin.

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  • Curious about all the books we’ve been discussing? You can sign up for a free 30 day trial with Audible, with an audio book download, via our partner link.
  • Jyn Erso isn’t the only one getting the toy treatment in the lead up to Rogue One — more merchandise has been announced!
  • Not hyped enough for Thrawn? The latest Rebels trailer might fix that.
  • The original Star Wars soundtrack is being rereleased on vinyl — and the set is gorgeous.
  • This week’s Spotlight is on Grand Moff Wilhuff Tarkin.
  • Er, who has the most… impressive name? Tarkin or Hux?
  • We jump to Tarkin’s ‘chronological’ introduction — in the Clone Wars.
  • What did we think of his relationship with Anakin Skywalker and the Jedi?
  • Does Tarkin make a compelling antagonist? Or are we not entirely sold on him?
  • Was Tarkin’s response to Ashoka realistic? How about his thoughts on the Clones themselves?
  • The Tarkin novel was the first we got in new Star Wars canon — what did it reveal about Tarkin?
  • Tarkin and Vader’s relationship is something we want to dig into a lot more.
  • Was his arrogance and ultimate death something that was satisfying?
  • We might need to eventually revisit this topic, and compare Tarkin, Thrawn, and Hux as characters.

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