Episode #23: Wait, My Shoelace is Untied

Donya is back from Comic-Con, and rejoins Mikey and Eric for the latest Resistance Radio. This week it’s all about Hot Wheels, Han Solo, and we’ve got a Spotlight on Mon Mothma.

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  • We get Donya to talk about her Star Wars Celebration and San Diego Comic-Con experiences!
  • Mark Hamill received a very special gift from some fans — a custom lightsaber, inspired by the Joker.
  • Chuck Wendig teased some details for the final book in the Aftermath trilogy — we may be seeing the Battle of Jakku.
  • There was an awesome X-Wing styled Hot Wheels car at San Diego Comic-Con. We’ve got more details about the car itself!
  • Could the upcoming Han Solo movie be less solo… more trilogy?
  • Whether Han Solo is getting a trilogy of movies, or not, he will not be appearing in Rogue One. Nor will Hayden Christensen
  • This week’s Spotlight is all about BAMF and one of the Rebel leaders, Mon Mothma.
  • We talk about the different actresses that have portrayed Mon Mothma in Star Wars so far.
  • Mon Mothma has an incredibly rich history — we break it down.
  • Who would win in a fight between Mon Mothma and General Leia? Why does it need to be a fight?
  • Mikey makes a statement about Mon Mothma and the Hosnian system. Eric and Donya disagree. Strongly.
  • How do we feel about her cut sequence from Revenge of the Sith? Should it have stayed in?
  • What are we looking forward to seeing from her in Rogue One?

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