Episode #22: Rogue Thrawn

Mikey is back for another episode of Resistance Radio. This week he is joined by Dan-O from The Dan-O Channel and Evan from The Jodocast. Donya was unable to make this weeks episode due to her “Having to be at San Diego Comic Con.” This weeks episode is all about the latest news, Rogue One Sizzle Trailer and Rebels Season 3 teaser trailer.

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  • Congratulations to all the winners of the Star Wars Fan Film Awards
  • We learn a lot about all the upcoming Books
  • EA has released info about the next update to Battlefront and Star Wars the Old Republic announced their next expansion
  • Unfortunately for Donya, Alden Ehrenreich was Lucasfilm’s first audition for young Han Solo and it was destined to be his role.
  • Mikey is heart broken to find out that Rogue One most likely will not have a classic Star Wars title crawl.
  • Trouble in Paradise — its the Rogue One Sizzle Reel
  • The guys geek out over the coolness of the new Rogue One poster
  • The crazy amount of detail surrounding the new Jyn Erso action figure
  • Rebels Season 3 breakdown
  • Ezra’s lost the Aladdin hair and gained a green lightsaber
  • Return of fan favorites including an old Legends Character!

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