Episode #012: 100% More Phasma

Jeanna returns to join Mikey and Donya for Resistance Radio, as we discuss everything from Episode VIII rumors to Captain Phasma.

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– Don’t forget that you can meet us at Indy PopCon this year!
– If you’d like to vote for the fan panels that Donya has submitted to PopCon, you can do so here.
– Star Wars: Battlefront 2 is coming in 2017. We discuss the features we’d love to see added to the sequel!
– What’s better than the Rogue One trailer? The Rogue One trailer recreated in Lego.
– Tom Hardy is joining the cast of Episode VIII? Take this one with a pinch of salt.
– We’ve got a few more set photos of Episode VIII filming, and “confirmation” that they’re back in Ireland.
– John Williams may not be returning to score Episode VIII. We theorize about his potential successor.
– It’s time for the Spotlight! This week it’s all about Captain Phasma.
– Is Phasma actually a Captain? We discuss her possible higher rank, and her position in the First Order triumvirate.
– Phasma as a female Trooper is nothing new, in her eyes. We discuss her role as a female power in Star Wars.
– She’s also obsessed with training Troops to be the best — did this come across in the material we’ve seen so far?
– We discuss Phasma’s relationship with Finn, and where their parallel stories may go next.
– Next week, we’ll be talking about Bloodline! So get your thoughts in, if you’ve read it!

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